Positive Images Campaign

The ReadiBus Positive Images Campaign, launched in Broad Street on 6th June 2016 by the Rt Worshipful Mayor of Reading, Cllr Mohammed Ayub, is a response to the need identified by ‘disabled’ people at the Reading Borough Council ‘Tackling Poverty’ event in November 2013 and seeks to portray ‘disabled people’ in a positive way, doing ordinary day to day things, as well as the exceptional things that some can achieve.   

The message of the campaign is about trying to help to counter negative stereotypes and help to make more of a ‘level playing field’ for disabled people. If the campaign can help, in however small a way, to combat negative stereotypes of ‘disabled people’, then it will be a success in terms of helping to address the need that was identified.

If you have positive images that you would like to share, do contact us.

Positive Image Campaign Launch, Broad Street, 6 June 2016

Group Cheer

Designs courtesy of Kreatif Design. Photos courtesy of Barrett and Coe Berkshire.

Website Mary And Bhatti 4

Designs courtesy of Kreatif Design. Photos courtesy of Barrett and Coe Berkshire.

Chalzey Posing 2

Design courtesy of Kreatif Design. Photos of courtesy of Barrett and Coe Berkshire.

Mr Pande 3

Design courtesy of Kreatif Design. Original image courtesy of Barrett and Coe Berkshire