Making life worth living

The best way of understanding the value of ReadiBus to those who use the service is to read about those whose lives depend on it. Not in an absolute sense, of course, but what’s life if it’s not worth living.

ReadiBus users talk about the service:

"Thank you for the wonderful journeys. It is so safe. You see the drivers cleaning the doors and handles and everything. It makes me feel very safe".

Mrs Kamondo

“I became disabled 11 years ago. I was working full time and led a very busy life. Suddenly I lost all that over a very short period of time. ReadiBus has been and will continue to be a lifeline for me. After my illness I worked part time for 5 years. It was only the fact that ReadiBus was there to provide the transport, that I was able to return to work. ReadiBus has also allowed me to do 'normal' things, like going shopping, meeting with friends, going on day courses and much more. ReadiBus is an essential part of my life, and one that I would not want to be without.”

Mrs Robson

“I find ReadiBus so helpful in every way.  It is so convenient to be able to just phone to ask for journeys.  I can only get in a car if it is a hatchback and it can take my walker.  Getting on and off a ReadiBus is so much easier especially with the kindness and help of the drivers.  I find the service very good.  It is a busy service and I see some passengers move very slowly and it is good to know everyone can get out with this help.” 

Mrs Braithwaite

“So many people today just cannot comprehend the difficulties experienced by the elderly in their daily lives, particularly in the lack of mobility. Without the ReadiBus service, my wife and I would be confined to our house. The nearest bus stop is too far away for her to walk to. When we go into Reading on the ReadiBus our shopping activities are confined to within a few hundred metres of the drop off point. We are only able to go food shopping because ReadiBus sets us down at the door of the supermarket and picks us up at the door for the return journey.

Mr H Dickinson

“I have severe arthritis of the spine, hips and knees, all too severe to be operated on and given my age 89 plus. Being partially-sighted, I would not be able to walk to the bus stop from home, it means crossing a very busy road. Even with a walker, I have difficulty walking. I use ReadiBus to take me shopping in Reading, to the hospital and dentist in Broad Street. From the social point, you meet the same people over the weeks, it is contact with the outside world. As regards ReadiBus itself, you could not have a better service and all the staff are so helpful, be it drivers or office staff.

"ReadiBus makes a terrific difference to me. I love going to my partially sighted art class, which ReadiBus take me to – it gives me contact with other people.  I have no contact with anyone where I live. My bungalow is set behind 2 others and so it feels quite isolated. I have been on some of the ReadiBus excursions with my companion and again these give me such joy.”  

Mrs Goodley

“The ReadiBus service has been invaluable to me over the years.  It was the only way I could see my husband when he was in hospital.  It is very important to me as I can’t walk far. Before I was so dependent on my daughter for all my journeys.  I also go to my club on some Tuesday evenings and I couldn’t get there if it wasn’t for ReadiBus.”  

Mrs Erith

“The ReadiBus scheme is so good, I can’t fault it.  It is a very busy service.  I would find shopping very difficult without ReadiBus.  I also use the bus every Sunday to go to church and it would be very difficult to get there without ReadiBus.  It is a wonderful service.  The drivers are consistently wonderful.” 

Mrs White

“I do my shopping every Wednesday and I couldn’t do this without ReadiBus.  It is very important to me.  I am 88yrs and I don’t get out otherwise.  I think ReadiBus is so useful and I couldn’t do my shopping without it.  It is reliable and I know I can always go on this journey and the drivers help me off the bus with my shopping.”     

Mr Whistance

“The ReadiBus service is important to me as I wouldn’t get out without it.  I often feel trapped where I live, there is nothing much around and being 86yrs it is a long walk and painful to try to get to a bus stop.  I go to church every Wednesday with ReadiBus and this is vital to me and it is all arranged most beautifully.”  

Mrs Moir

“I wouldn’t be able to go into Reading town centre at all, with my heart condition, if it wasn’t for ReadiBus.  It is essential for me.   On Thursday evenings I go to my club and the drivers are really wonderful and very good and help me so much and make me feel very safe.”                                                         

Mrs Mcrae

“At almost 83 years of age, I have used the ReadiBus for some years and when my husband had a knee operation, I do not know what we would have done without ReadiBus and their thoughtful and caring drivers. I have made some good friends.”

Mrs Popkin

“I am very very happy with the ReadiBus service and all it does.  It is fantastic.  I would find shopping so difficult as I am collected from my door and the driver helps me back to my flat with my shopping (he is fantastic and so helpful). 

Mrs Westmorland

“I have been using ReadiBus for several years and always had a very friendly and reliable service. It is an excellent service.”

Mrs Geary

“The service is a lifeline.”

Mrs Ilott

“It’s a wonderful service that helps me get from home to Tilehurst to see my sister who is almost housebound with illness. To go to other places is also a God-send.”

Mrs Dunn

“Without ReadiBus my life would not be worth living. I would not be able to go shopping without ReadiBus and I would not be able to go to church every Wednesday. ReadiBus means life.”

 (Photo courtesy of Barrett and Coe Berkshire)