How to Request a Journey

There are around 3,000 registered ReadiBus users in the Greater Reading area who use the service with varying frequency, some occasionally, some for regular weekly journeys, and some even more often. Meeting so many different individual needs is a complex business and to try to do so, we have to operate in a way that makes the best possible use of our resources. This is how we try to do that.


To book a journey with ReadiBus, you first need to request to register to use the ReadiBus service. We want to see people use mainstream public transport services whenever they can. The ReadiBus service is for those who can’t. So when you request to register to use the service, we have to verify that the service is for you. So when you apply to register through this site, we will always contact you to discuss your mobility needs before you will be able to make requests to use the service.

Booking Requests

Once we’ve done that you can start to make booking requests. We call them ‘requests’ because we can’t always guarantee to make the exact time you want – though we’ll always try. You have been able to make requests by email for some time. Now you can make requests through the forms on this site. The forms are designed to give us all the information we need to help you out – they are quite simple really, but there are several different forms for different forms of journey:

  • A one way trip
  • A return - there and back again
  • A three stage trip

Once you have filled in the form and submitted it to us you will see a confirmation that your request has gone in. We then take the request along with others and plan the trips for particular days. Once that is done we contact you at your registered email address to confirm your booking or to see if there is another way to achieve what you want.

There are some rules we have to apply:

  • Booking requests can only be made up to a maximum of seven days in advance
  • If you would like to make the same booking request for every week, let us know and we'll see if there is an opportunity for that to be accommodated without you needing to request the booking every week
  • Bookings give you a half hour pick up ‘window’ – we need you to be ready to be collected
  • There are some rules about what we can and can’t transport with you to meet safety standards

Everything you need to know - and it's all fairly simple - is explained it our User Guide which you can download once your registration is approved.


Everyone changes plans from time to time. It can sometimes just be too much to make a journey; you feel ill or you just feel tired. So we understand people have to cancel. Now you can cancel your booking requests online too.

But of course you can still request bookings or make cancellations by phone on (0118) 931 0000 (English) or (0118) 923 8759 (Urdu).