Is there anything more satisfying than knowing that you are helping someone who needs you?

ReadiBus provides an essential service to thousands of people with restricted mobility in the Reading area. Without the support of the local authorities and of people who help to raise funds to pay for the service, it would not exist.

What can you do to help ReadiBus?

We need volunteers to help us to deliver the ReadiBus football service, by driving a bus to home or away Reading FC games. Volunteering for home games might suit someone who is interested in going to Reading FC matches but who doesn't have a season ticket, as complimentary entry to the game is included. Volunteering for the away games service might suit someone who is interested in going to Reading FC away matches but who might be deterred by the cost of the journey, as there are no travel costs if you are driving a ReadiBus there. There is no requirement to be available for every game.

We are also looking for volunteers to drive the bus for people to attend local Age UK (Reading) clubs. These are clubs at local venues that provide support for a morning or an afternoon, providing opportunities for peer group social interaction, as well as providing carers with a short respite break.

Volunteering opportunities do not all involve driving a bus. ReadiBus also needs people who can be available to help to run stalls at local events; give out information at local exhibitions; participate in fund-raising events; and to contribute by sharing their expertise as a member of the ReadiBus governing board. Would one of your family run for ReadiBus in the local half marathon for example? Would you yourself be able to spare the time to be on a stall? Do you have some spare time that you'd like to put to good use? Do you have experience, such as in finance, law, transport management or administration, that you could offer that might be helpful in maintaining the good governance of ReadiBus? (ReadiBus is a holder of the local 'Safe & Sound' good governance award, as well as an accredited 'Investor in People').

You meet new people and share the companionship of achieving the common goal of helping a good cause. You do as much or as little as you’d like to do.

If you are interested and would like to help, please contact us.