Who Qualifies?

ReadiBus helps create mobility for everyone.

But that doesn’t mean anyone can use ReadiBus.

ReadiBus is specifically for people who cannot make use of mainstream public transport services.

A lot has been done over the years to make public transport services in the UK more accessible to people with disabilities. The introduction of low floor buses, the building of ‘border platforms’ – raised pavements at bus stops that meet the bus floor – has enabled wheelchair users and those who use some walking aids to use public transport. ReadiBus welcomes this trend and encourages anyone who can use public transport to do so.

However there are always people who can’t cope with mainstream bus services and it is those people we seek to serve. It doesn’t matter what the mobility restriction is – if it prevents you from using public transport or if you simply need too much help doing so then ReadiBus is for you.

When you apply for Registration with ReadiBus you will find a question on mobility needs – answer as fully as you can and it will help us serve you better.

Please note that if you use a wheelchair, it will need to be safety-approved for use within a vehicle. In the first instance, we will need to know the make and model of your wheelchair. Please also be aware of this requirement should you be considering changing your wheelchair or buying a new one - not all wheelchairs are suitable for use within a vehicle and it is advisable to check before you buy if you intend to travel in the wheelchair within a vehicle.

(Photo courtesy of Barrett and Coe Berkshire)