ReadiBus Accessibility Policy

Accessibility Standards

The Readibus site is designed and developed to the WCAG2.0 Accessibility Standard.

Every effort is made to maintain accessibility standards through the site. Errors and Omissions Excepted.

High Visibility

High Visibility Toggle


A high visibility version of the site is integrated within the design and may be activated by the toggle button at the top right of the screen (shown above).

Font usage within the site, type size and default leading are selected for easy on-screen reading. The site design also enables the user to simplify the site layout should they wish.


Modern browsers offer a range of accessibility features that enable the user to configure their own experience. These features combined with the design of the site offer wide ranging accessibility and control.

The Readibus site is tested with multiple browsers on multiple devices, however Readibus cannot warrant that the site will function as intended on future browser releases or on browsers now considered obsolete – Including as of date of release Microsoft Internet Explorer 7 releases.