ReadiBus seeks to develop partnerships with organisations wishing to advertise services to users and staff.

Information for Advertisers

ReadiBus will make available to you the advertising platform of part of the bus for a fixed fee from which you can display your chosen artwork. You would be responsible for organising your own artwork.

The advertising platform is available for 12-month renewable periods. The adverts can be changed during this time in consultation with ReadiBus during vehicle downtime at your cost.

We do ask to be consulted on the artwork for each vinyl at its early stages so we can identify any difficulties in advance over conflicts of interest.

There are other opportunities to advertise or promote your service with ReadiBus. Listed below are some further options:

  1. The display of leaflets and promotions on the bus.
  2. Advertising in our newsletter
  3. Direct mail to our user-database

ReadiBus will offer exclusive advertising within your own sector. That is, we would not accept advertising from a similar business within the period of your advertising contract with us.