Current Opportunities

Current Opportunities

We are currently recruiting to the roles of Team Worker and on-bus Customer Service Assistant.

The role of on-bus assistant involves working early mornings and early afternoons on school-days only, providing assistance to pupils with special needs on their journeys to and from school on the ReadiBus. Based in south Reading and starts in September.

The role of (part-time or full-time) ReadiBus Team Worker involves driving a ReadiBus and providing passenger assistance.

We also have voluntary opportunities.

Contact us for further information about any of these opportunities.

Thinking about working or volunteering for ReadiBus? Could it be for you?

The role of Team Worker is more than simply driving a bus - you are a ReadiBus Team Worker, the public face of the organisation.  

Here are six questions that people ask us about the role of Team Worker.

Do I have to have a special driving licence?

That depends. You need a licence with a D1 entitlement. If you passed your driving test before 1 January 1997 then you have that entitlement. If you passed it since then it requires a further PCV test to qualify.  

What experience do I need?

Experience always helps, but it isn’t the most important thing. There are no specific requirements for the job apart from having the PCV/D1 Driving Licence. ReadiBus performs a driving assessment for every applicant but also offers full training to cover the specialist needs of customer care, detailed operating procedures and assistance for people with restricted mobility.

What sort of hours would I work?

There is a wide range among the people working for ReadiBus. Paid roles can range from a few hours per week to full-time. There are also voluntary driving roles.

Is there a local ‘knowledge’ test?

Yes. We really do need people who know where they are going – so if you want to be a Team Worker and you don’t know the Reading area well it is a good idea to get out with a map! The test is based around navigation and you need thorough knowledge of the area and its roads.  

What are you looking for in a Team Worker?

Apart from good driving and local knowledge the most important qualities are being of a caring disposition and being willing and able to learn detailed operating procedures.

Aside from driving, what else is involved?

Team Workers need to provide whatever assistance the user needs. There is a lot of training to build confidence, knowledge and techniques. It isn’t just about driving, it is about becoming a specialist in customer care and an expert in assisting people with restricted mobility.

What is the role of School Customer Service Assistant?

The School Customer Service Assistant assists on the journeys taking pupils with special needs to and from school in the mornings and afternoons on school-days. The role is to look after the welfare of the pupils during the journey.

How to apply

Contact us for further information and then return a completed application form.