Donating is Easy

ReadiBus is a registered charity. Although some of the day-to-day cost of the service is covered through the ‘fare box’, operated through the concessionary fares services run by local authorities, developing the organisation, providing new initiatives, funding additional services and even the purchase of new vehicles has to be funded through donations, grants and sponsorship.

Donating to ReadiBus is easy.

One-off donations will help ReadiBus provide services to less-well off users. For example:

  • £15 will enable an assisted independent shopping trip
  • £25 will enable a person with restricted mobility to go on a trip to the seaside

Regular donations will help ReadiBus do more for people with restricted mobility locally and build its charitable income to plan for the future more effectively.

Search Differently and Help ReadiBus

By making ‘everyclick’ your internet search engine and nominating ReadiBus as your fundraising charity you will be helping to raise money for a worthy cause at no cost to yourself.

Just go to, follow the directions given and fill in the required boxes marked with a red * , and if you do not wish your name to appear tick the box to hide your details.

It will only take a few minutes of your time, but will make a lot of difference to ReadiBus.

Shop Online and Help ReadiBus

You can help ReadiBus while you shop on line with Give As You Live. It is easy to use, secure and you can help ReadiBus provide a better service as you go. Just go to the Give As You Live site to see how it all works.

Legacy Giving

You can help others after you’ve gone by leaving a legacy in your Will. ReadiBus can offer a living memorial by dedicating a bus to your memory with an inscription on the side panel of the bus. A legacy to ReadiBus will enable others to continue to benefit from the mobility and independence that the ReadiBus service provides.

Find out more about legacy giving here.