Legacy Giving

You can help others after you’ve gone by leaving a legacy in your Will. ReadiBus can offer a living memorial by dedicating a bus to your memory with an inscription on the side panel of the bus. A legacy to ReadiBus will enable others to continue to benefit from the mobility and independence that the ReadiBus service provides.

Writing a Will is an important way of looking after the future of your family and friends. After you’ve taken care of your loved ones, you may also wish to leave a gift in your Will to your favourite charities. It’s a little known fact that most charities wouldn’t survive without gifts in Wills.  By remembering ReadiBus in this way, you’re ensuring that our work will continue.

The donation can be as small or large as you like. You will need to provide the name ReadiBus, our address and registered charity number to your professional adviser when writing a Will (they are at the bottom of this page).

If you want to leave a gift to ReadiBus but have already made a Will, it’s not a problem. There are a couple of simple ways you can change it.

1. A new Will

The first and probably simplest way, is to write a new Will. Once a new Will is written, it makes any Wills made by that person in the past void. In fact, most wills will start by reciting that you’re writing a Will and that you’re revoking previous Wills.

You can write a new Will with a Will-writing adviser or solicitor. However, if you do not want to do this, there is another way. It’s called a Codicil.

2. Codicils

A codicil is a document used to change a Will that has already been made.

It’s used as a way to make simple additions or amendments to an existing Will like a change in the amount of a gift of money, or the addition of an executor or gift. This is all quite straight forward but problems can occur if you ever want to cancel the Will in the future.

When you cancel a Will which contains a codicil, the codicil does not get cancelled automatically, so when you write a new Will it can create inconsistencies and legal problems. To avoid this, make sure that any new Will clearly states that you are revoking all Wills and codicils previously made.

You can also make a codicil with a Will-writing adviser or solicitor.

If you are interested in leaving a legacy to Readibus in your will get in touch here.