Shopping Assistance

You want to go into Reading and do your shopping yourself – but you find it’s just too much now?

A Readibus user writes:

"Well, it needn’t be – ReadiBus has the answer. ReadiBus will pick you up from home, take you to the heart of the town centre and even arrange for someone to assist you throughout your visit, before taking you home again.

"When the bus calls for you, the staff are very attentive and nothing is too much trouble. They come to your door to escort you to the bus and help you on board. If you cannot manage the steps, there is a lift that you can use. If you use a wheelchair, you can travel in your chair, which is secured to the floor. The buses are comfortable and you meet other people too making the same or a similar journey. It’s always very friendly and if you’ve not used the service before, you are made very welcome.

"The bus stops in Broad Street itself, outside John Lewis. If you have booked an assistant to come round the shops with you, they meet you there. When it’s time to go home, the bus comes to wherever you have booked your return journey from and the driver will help you with your shopping bags or your trolley. You really don’t have to worry about anything, everything is taken care of for you.

"And it doesn’t cost the earth either – if you have a concessionary bus pass, there is nothing to pay for the bus journey. There is an hourly charge if you need the services of an assistant around the town. If you don’t have much income or can’t afford the charge, though, mention this when booking, as you may be eligible for some help towards the cost."


You can use the ReadiBus if you have restricted mobility and cannot manage your journey on the ordinary buses. The service is available for 7 days per week from 7.15am to 11.15pm. All you need to do is register here and request your booking, including shopping assistence, online, alternately you can phone 0118-931-0000 (English) or 0118-923-8759 (Urdu). You book your return journey in the same call and pay your fare on the bus. You can take someone to travel with you if you wish.

If you wish to make the same journey at roughly the same time each week, please mention this when you request your journey. If your request fits on to an existing route which has capacity available, you may be able to have a weekly user booking, at no extra cost. This would mean that the bus would call for you every week and you wouldn’t need to phone unless you didn’t wish to travel.

The ReadiBus service is primarily for local journeys but there is also a programme of excursions every month, including trips to other towns and cities.